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Hi y'all.

Just received my copy of Dinosaur Collector's Club Newsletter no. 17 - this is
odd as Steve Jackson informed me that he got his the other week (sorry I never
replied to your email Steve, I lost it..). Maybe to do with the Uk postal

In the following article: HOWGATE, M. 1996. Thailand's Tyrannosaur. DCC
Newsletter 17: 3.... Mike refers to _Siamotyrannus_ as a 'definite ancestor to
_T. rex_'. I've written to him to tell him that things ain't so clear cut,
furthermore it's still debatable whether _Carcharodontosaurus_ is truly the
biggest of known theropods (as Mike states), or if _Giganotosaurus_ should win
the title. We know that money should be put on the latter.

The name _Synraptor_ [sic] is created in the article in the odd context: 'The
pelvis is particularly useful as it exhibits 'advanced' tyrannosaurid features
along with 'primitive' characters typical of Jurassic theropods such as
_Synraptor_ [sic] and _Allosaurus_.' Where did he that idea from?  I don't
recall such a notion in the paper on the thing.

With regard to misspellings, my current favourite is _Hesperodrnis_ [sic],
evidently a new taxon of Upper Cretaceous bird. Created in HAMLETT, G. 1993.
Jurassic Lark! _Bird Watching_ Issue No. 92 (Oct '93): 6-8. _Hesperodrnis_ [sic]
on p.8.

"The future. The polar ice caps have melted, covering the earth with water.
Those who have survived have adapted.......... to a new world."

Yeah right.