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Re: Troodon feeding habits

GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

> According to my models, the slender tail of a troodont would make up
> about 5% of total mass. People tend to exaggerate the mass of
> appendages becasue they are long, most of an animals bulk is tied up
> in the trunk. This is true even of big tailed sauropods.

   I am curious as to the amount of muscle-and-other-tissue found
between the rear-wards projection of the pelvis (on therapods) and the
underside of the actual tail after the cloaca.  I've seen artists
reconstruct this area both as filled in to create a fairly smooth
silhouette, and having it showing a very severe "dishing".
   Which is more accurate?  How would this difference in mass in a
reconstruction change the projected weight of an animal?  On a T
rex-sized animal, this could be several hundred pounds, right?

-Betty Cunningham