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RE: Terry Colvin's shared news on Dowsing for Dinos

Next month, I will return to the very site in Utah during which I will,
once again, hold my breath while Ray Jones positions his "device" over
unexcavated ground and work my tush off trying to get through the rock
and down to the "hot spot".   I have observed the "powers" of the
mechanical contrivance which works (most of the time).  I have been
totally amazed as John Bird, of the College of Eastern Utah and Ray,
plot the "hot spots" on a grid.  The diggers are not unlike a shark
feeding frenzy.  We have not been disappointed very often as hot spot
after hot spot produces bone.  Our instincts are quickly replaced by the
ticking of the machine that makes sounds that are music to our ears.  The
larger and denser the bone, the louder the music.

On September 14, 1996, our group under the sponsorship of  the Sharlot
Hall Museum of Prescott, AZ, will return to continue our work with Ray
at the "Carol" site for one wonderful week.  I found one heck of a femur
last year, on the last day, of course, so my work is cut out for me this
year since time ran out before it could be excavated.

This is the 5th annual organized trip for the museum and cost is minimal.
 It is open to professionals and avocationalists.  For more info, please
feel free to write me 
<wildernesswoman@juno.com> or call the museum at (520) 445-3122 and speak
with Norm Tessman, Curator of Collections.  He is the dig organizer and
feel free to mention my name to him.  There are "hot spots" yet to be
discovered and this technology is only the beginning.

Maybe the "romance" of walking mile after mile searching for the eleusive
creatures is  becoming a thing of the past, but when one has only a week
to "make hay while the sun shines", then I say, HOORAY for Ray and for

Rose McGeorge
Mesa, Arizona