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Giganotosaurus and Epanterias

Here are two questions re: those sexy supercarnivores:

1) Was Giganotosaurus an "overgrown" Allosaur like Carcharodontosaurus, with 
the same slender, slashing teeth and large, long-clawed forearms?  Or was it 
more like a Tyrannosaurid, with an apparently crushing, trauma-inducing bite 
and vestigial forelimbs?  How do we say which of the supercarnivores was "the 
largest" when our evidence is the remains of a few carcasses which are, in 
fact, substantially similar in size?  Was Giganotosaurus as pea-brained as 

2) Epanterias or not?  'Nuff said.

Any info appreciated.

"I love my dead gay son"