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Re: Troodon rarity

Achut Reddy wrote:

>But it was truly a thrill to see the world's best-preserved Troodon
>skeleton last week at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  This marvelous specimen
>is fully articulated and complete, although curiously folded upon itself.
>Each of its claws including the ones on the hands are clearly visible,
>perfectly preserved all the way to the sharp tips.  It was not found
>in the US however.

Would this be the specimen the Canadians found in China? I saw a slide of
the specimen in 1992 when preparation was at an early stage.

The reason why I ask is that I have just got ahold of the latest National
Geographic with the marvelous picture of the brooding oviraptor and the
first thing that struck me was that the legs were folded under the animal
in exactly the same manner as I remember seeing the legs of the Chinese
troodontid. There is some similarity to the way that emus huddle down with
the both legs held parallel to each other, the tarsometatarsus laying
almost flat on the ground and the rest of the leg concertinaed on top.

Cheers, Paul