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Re: Fossils in meteorites

[I'm letting this drift a bit since it still has paleontological
 relevance, but since we're pretty far from dinosaurs here, I hope
 that people will answer Paul directly rather than continue on this
 list.  Thanks. -- MR ]

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>Subject: Fossils in meteorites
>Author:  forteana@lists.primenet.com at smtp-fhu
>Date:    6/08/96 11:09
>The BBC news has just reported a possible fossil
>found in a meteorite.  This is one of the 12 or so
>"known" to have come from mars.  The results
>are due to be published later this month after
>work carried out by American scientists.
>No doubt further news will follow.
>Andy C

We have been bombarded with this story as well and the pictures shown on
the telly so far look promising. My question: ho do they know the meteroite
came from Mars? And, while we are at it, how did they deterimine that the
thing landed 13,000 years ago?

Cheers, Paul