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background radiation blanking bone detection

Hello all,

Can no one see the overexposed problem with this whole image?

The fact is some of these Morrison Formation, I assume, fossils are highly
radioactive. We need to be aware that the very forces assisting to locate
these bones are not just slightly dangerous. Radioactivity is not a good
thing even in tiny doses. Dinosaur bones have been used to extract uranium.
Extreme care should be exercised while working anywhere in the Morrison. If
you doubt the danger get a rad level reading from the inside of the Fossil
Cabin near Como Bluff, Wyoming. The entire wall structure is made of
dinosaur bones, Jurassic, Morrison, locally collected, and hot enough to
need a warning sign.

Now that I've rained on the parade let me say how great this idea truely
is. If it can be tuned and expanded on to detect bones that have not
absorbed so much radioactive salts, such as those in upper cretaceous
deposits, then hurrah!

I'd very much like to see this method of detection done, screw the rads.
Being a obsessed digger I can imagine the fenzy of activity sorrounding
repeated successful tests. Finding bone before nature's surface forces can
mess with it is a diggers dream.

I wonder, if there was more than one detector, or whatever they call the
device, employed at convergant angles the bone could be 3-D mapped before
extraction, couldn't it? It only seems logical that if detection is
possible then fine tuning and technological advancements can expand this
discovery to give us that JP image passively. Hook up a fast computer, get
some imaging software, and you got it.

Sorry, got carried away there.

Has anyone thought about Mark Sumner's posting as to our "Mystery Object"?
Our team is still in a state of conflict as to what it is, much less what
it's from. I was at the site the day it was exposed, so I'm naturally
unsettled about its strangeness and my limited knowledge.

Ah the diggers fate, let the perparators tell us what it is, we're just
grunts anyway. :-)