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Re: background radiation blanking bone detection [joke; or hope --MR]

Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

> I wonder, if there was more than one detector, or whatever they call the
> device, employed at convergant angles the bone could be 3-D mapped before
> extraction, couldn't it? It only seems logical that if detection is
> possible then fine tuning and technological advancements can expand this
> discovery to give us that JP image passively. Hook up a fast computer, get
> some imaging software, and you got it.

I can imagine the scene.......what's that one? Bah, another Troodont!
What about this one? Looks like another pesky Allosaur. Dig 'em up?
Nah, got one of those already! Tcha, nuthin' new here at all, same ol'
stuff as over there!