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In a message dated 96-08-08 13:27:39 EDT, Darren Naish wrote:

> In a summary report in _New Scientist_, Chiappe is quoted as saying
> (something like) 'Mesozoic birds are turning out to be more diverse
> than we'd ever imagined'. Respect to the man, but I'm fed up of
> hearing this with _every single_ new Mesozoic bird
> fossil. Sheesh.. gimme a break. 

BCF theory predicts thousands of dino-bird and pre-modern bird species extant
during the average million-year interval of Mesozoic time, from Middle
Triassic through Cretaceous. What we've found so far is a pale shadow of what
must have been. If nothing else, try to imagine >just< the intermediate forms
between the forms we know about.