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Re: Troodon feeding habits

In a message dated 96-08-08 15:53:14 EDT, ajhowey@ix.netcom.com (Andrew
Howey) writes:

> Just a minor correction.  The caption for that illustration is "A
> pack of troodontids freezes as a deadly wall of sand _bears_ down on
> a crowded oasis. ..."  The word "bear" here is a verb indicating the
> advancing wall of sand about to smother the oasis.

This reminds me of the how the nodosaurid "species" _Palaeoscincus magoder_
was created: _magoder_ was a typographical error for _mag oder_, the first
two words of the phrase "may or may not" in German. Check out C. L. Henning,
1914 in Chure & McIntosh's dinosaur bibliography.