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Re: Meteorite Yields Evidence of Primitive Life on Early Mars


I just followed the same chain of reasoning in an article for
Science Fiction Age.

The MCF theory offers a romantic idea in that we would all, to
an extent, be extraterrestrials.  But then, we are all star
stuff, anway.

Personally, I'd rather discover that the Martian life forms were
based around a completely different organic structure.  This would
be both more interesting (IMHO), and provide a higher probability
that life is common in the universe.  

If the Martian life forms look like Terrestrial life at the
chemical level, we'll be left with a) all life may be built
around the same scheme, and b) all life may have one origin.

And of course, if we think that both have the same source, there's
no certainty that this source was on -either- Earth or Mars.  It
may well have taken a much longer trip.

(My apologies for wandering so far afield from the list topic)

[And my apologies for allowing it.  Please holler when you think
 you've seen enough.  So far all feedback I've gotten on this thread
 has been positive.  -- MR ]

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