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Re: Meteorite Yields Evidence of Primitive Life on Early Mars

On 9/8/96 at 3:00 PM, Nick Longrich asked:

>a) is it
>theoretically possible for bacterial spores or organisms of some kind to
>survive the heating, cooling, and radiation experienced during a
>meteorite's journey between Earth and Mars (given the amount of stuff
>flying around the solar syem in the early days, it's probably a given
>that meteorites went between planets relatively often)

I am quite sure that, buried deep in my science mag collection (I believe
it was in an issue of _Omega_, the Australian version of the also now
defunct _Science Digest_), there is an article stating that bacteria
survived a trip to the moon and back on (I think) one of the Apollo
missions (on the outside of one of the landing pods). Can anybody confirm
this? (I remember it because I considered it to be a revelation with vast

P.S. For the record I too hope that Martian life bears no relation to earth
life, but the possibility cannot be ignored.