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Re: Giganotosaurus and Epanterias

Tom Holtz wrote:

>It is true that the few specimens known of the carcharodontosaurids are very
>similar in size, but their elements are demonstrably larger than any known
>specimen of T. rex, so it is interesting.  As to whether Carcharodontosaurus
>or Giganotosaurus was the larger, the additional specimens of the latter
>should help resolve it.

The skull of Carcharodontosaurus is almost exactly the same size as that of
the largest known T. rexes, being a few milimeters larger than that of Sue
but a few smaller than that of the Berkely Maxilla animal---I assume the
head of C. was proportionally smaller than that of T.?  It certainly was
not as massively, powerfully built as that of T. Rex, so far as I have
seen.  And the shark-like teeth--did it independantly evolve to fill a
Tyrannosaur-like role in Africa, evolving a different type of bite to get
the same crippling effects?

By the way----how many at all complete sets of T. rex remains do we now
have/know of? What number in this sequence is the one being collected for
the University of Wisconsin, Madison geology museum?

Seth A. Ellestad.