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Re: Giganotosaurus and Epanterias

George Olshevsky wrote:

> They have a cast of an _Afrovenator_ skull on display. I checked out
> the teeth, and they're quite different from the teeth of
> _Allosaurus_: very bladelike, laterally compressed. Like
> _Carcharodontosaurus_ teeth, specifically. The rest of the skull
> seems to have more in common with Big C than with _Allosaurus_ and
> the sinraptorids, too. So on this feeble and superficial basis, I'd
> tentatively classify _Afrovenator_ with Big C and Big G in
> Carcharodontosauridae.

I thought when I first saw photographs, that superficially at least
Afrovenator ("Little A") looked a lot like a less derived, smaller, earlier
relative (? ancestor?) of "Big C".  Similar skull/jaw structure
particularly, kinda "snaggletoothed" as well, not unlike the shark-toothed
"Big C". What do you think, "Dinogeorge"?  How close is it related, if at
all?  Anyone else have any opinions?

Seth A. Ellestad ("Aardwolf").