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Re: Afrovenator & Carcharodontosaurus, Verona, et al...

Jonathan Wagner wrote:

>Torvo/Edmarka/Brontoraptor/saurs, Megalosaurus, and virtually
>every large Chinese theropod.  Remember what happened with the
>Abelisaurs: someone names a new family which is new and possible
>uniquely "primitive", and then every theropod to come out of
>Gondwanna gets accused of being an Abelisaur, if not by
>professionals then at least by the rest of us (guilty of it

Hey wait a mnute--what exactly now are considered Abelisaurs?  They are an
offshoot of Ceratosaurs, correct?  Or was it Megalosaurs--or---oh man it's
too late at night to be thinking like this off the top of my head.  ;-)

And what the blankety-blank is Brontoraptor?

Seth A. Ellestad.