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DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES issue #1 will go to press shortly and be in the
mail to subscribers and staff by 1 September. Articles included are:
+..T-Rex was a pack hunter
+..Cryolophosaurus by Ben Roesch
+..Two New African Theropods (Carcharodonotosaurus and Deltadromeus)
+..Acrocanthosaurus by David Alden
+..A New Look at Stegosaurus by Ken Carpenter
+..Largest Pterosaur found in Jordan
+..Grandfather Rex (Siamotyrannus)
+..Did Duckbills Quack by Dr Thomas E Williamson
+..Tracking Swiss Dinosaurs by Professor Christian A Meyer
+..The Mysterious Origins of NBC (Mantracks) by Glen J Kuban
+..Triceratops stance
+..First Australian Oviraptosaur by Dr Thomas H Rich
+..Vegetarian Crocodile (Chimaerasuchus)
+..Dinosaur Flight (Archy, Proto, Confuci)
+..Irritator Challengeri by George Olshevsky
+..Two pages of one-paragraph "notes" about dinosaurs
+..Book Review
+..Dinosaur Calendar (exhibits, events, symposia)
+..Dinosaur Web Page directory
This is a 16-page illustrated newsletter, six issues per year,
compiling the latest info on new dinosaur finds, theories, and info.
Subscriptions are $25 in the US, $26.56 in Texas, $30 in Canada,
$40 elsewhere. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Checks must be on US
banks and in US dollars and have magnetic code numbers.
Get on board for the first issue of what is going to become THE
All-Dino/Every-Dino newsletter by contacting Tiger@arn.net.
Just in time for the presidential campaign season, something to
read with no politics at all in any issue. A welcome relief!
We are looking for writers and artists; ask for author/artist info.
Some of the Dinosaur Notes were compiled from Dinosaur Digest among
other sources. I often reduced a week-long discussion to two or
three sentences of poignant thoughts. Writers of notes include:
Darren Naish (Einiosaurus, Naked mole rat, Isle of Wight)
Bob Myers (tail cooling)
Chris Nedin (origins of oil)
Rob Meyerson (mammals, flight)
Mickey Rowe (Dangerous nests)
Nick Longrich (arm length in theropods)
John Schneiderman (Israel, Psittacosaurs)
Neil Clark (Scotland)
Fred Bervoets (new species)
Jon Wagner (new species)
Graeme Worth (new species)
The reasons for mentioning this are:
1. Common courtesy to let you know you've been quoted.
2. If you are a Dr or Prof, we want to put that in your byline,
so please let us know if this applies.
3. If you want a copy of what we quoted, ask and it shall be sent.
4. If you don't WANT to be quoted, here's your chance to let us know.
5. You get a free copy; email us your snail mail address.