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4th Annual Fossils of Arizona Symposium

Saturday, November 16, 1996, Mesa Southwest Museum, Mesa, Arizona and
sponsored by the Southwest Paleontological Society.

Cost of $40.00 for museum member and $45.00 for non-members. 
Registration includes morning refreshments, a printed copy of the
symposium proceedings, lunch,  and evening reception.  Arrangements may
be made for professionals seeking to conduct research of casts made from
the fossils that were on display at our museum during the Great Russian
Dinosaur Exhibit.

Presenters include Dr. Stan Beus, Northern Arizona University, Dr.
Spencer Lucas, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Dr. Donald Burge,
College of Eastern Utah, Dr. Everett Lindsay, University of Arizona, Ron
Ratkevich, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, et al.  Topics will cover from
Paleozoic through Cenozoic.

For more info, drop me a note.

Rose McGeorge