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Re: Meteorite Yields Evidence of Primitive Life on Early Mars

[Though I'm getting more and more uncomfortable with the distance
 we're travelling from dinosaurs, I've received a few encouraging
 comments but no complaints about the Martian meteorite thread.
 Therefore I'm continuing to let most of them through.  Pipe up if you
 have an opinion about my decisions.  -- MR ]

On 9/8/96 at 3:00 PM, Nick Longrich asked:

> a) is it theoretically possible for bacterial spores or organisms of
> some kind to survive the heating, cooling, and radiation experienced
> during a meteorite's journey between Earth and Mars (given the
> amount of stuff flying around the solar syem in the early days, it's
> probably a given that meteorites went between planets relatively
> often)

I have a copy of Fred Hoyles "discredited" book Evolution from Outer Space.
Wonder if it sounds so ridiculous now?!
Tom Roach
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"
Carl Sagan