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Peter Dodson on Ceratopsians

A while back Lyle Blosser asked about what seemed to be two books by
Peter Dodson on Ceratopsians.  Peter has just returned from
Madagascar, so I've managed to get the straight skinny directly from
the source.

There is only one book.  It was originally to be published by
Addison-Wesley, but will instead be published by Princeton.  Peter
expects it to come out next month.  The book should never have been
listed by Addison-Wesley.  The Princeton version is the real one.
I've also checked the Amazon website Lyle reported about, and the
Addison-Wesley version is no longer listed there.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)

P.S. In case others have noticed the low volume and high turnaround
time on the list, don't blame me...  Messages are taking hours to get
from here to USC and back.  I'm not sure where the holdup is.