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Re: Art and "Reality"

Lawrence Dunn wrote:

>Two questions concerning paleoart and current theories of dinosaur 
>1) Is there any possibility that the blunt bone mass on the face of 
>Pachyrhinosaurus was actually a support for a huge horn?  I've seen one 
>or two pieces of paleoart depicting such a horn.

As a Paleo artist I'll put in my two bits...

No, there is no way there was a horn on the bone mass. With the new 
material found at Pipestone Creek in Canada, which has both concave and 
convex horn cores, means, to me, that the bone mass was pretty much the 
way it was. I can't see it haveing a 'rhino' like horn on it.

>2) Could Tyrannosaurus Rex have tucked its wee arms back against its 
>body as it closed in on a prey animal?  This has also become a
>popular depiction of Tyrannosaurus.

That I can't really say, but I think Carpenter and Smith? showed that the 
fore limb was to muscular (even thou it was small, it was strong for 
it's size) to get that close to the body, but I might be wrong.

Tracy L. Ford
Dino Hunter