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Re: Crater may reveal how dinosaurs became extinct

There is an article in the current issue of Discover Magazine on the Tunguska
Explosion in Siberia in 1908.  The article sites evidence that there was
indeed a meteor was responsible for the event but that it exploded in mid air
several miles above the ground (>10 Megatons).  No crater was left but in
tree resins they have found remnants of meteoric material with some of the
"shocked" qualities you expect from an impact.

While the Chixulub crater MAY be big enough and old enough to be the cause of
the KT boundary extinction, we may be thinking too literally of an impact and
not realize that a more exotic event may have been responsible.  How about a
shower of Tunguska-like exploding meteors similar to  the Shoemaker-Levy
event on Jupiter?  Or one big one?  In light of the Tunguska findings there
might not even BE a crater (or craters) to mark the event.  Maybe all it left
was some suspicious dust in the KT boundary layer like they have in Siberia.