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Witching for bones

Hello all,

Having heard of the new technique to find bones using background radiation
blocking I am reminded of  a conversation we had at this year's dig. I told
some of the guys I could witch for bones, more as a joke than anything
else. I suppose since I had thought of  this as a source of amusement I
didn't even take myself seriously enough to try it out.

I can find pipes and pennies and other odd things using hand held devices.
For pipes I use two thin copper wires bent into "L" shapes, about 16 inches
overall lenght, with the short leg being about 4 inches. I hold the short
end between thumb and forefinger of both hands with arms extended. I
position the wires to point straight away from me, and when I encounter a
pipe the wires line up with it. There are a lot of people with this
"talent" as I was shown how on a construction site. I know this all sounds
cornfed, but it works. I don't know how or why but it does. I wonder if
this would work for bones too, after all they're pipes too.

I wonder if anyone else has already tried?

Roger A. Stephenson