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Re: Witching for bones

[I know I said I wouldn't likely accept any more of these, but since
 this is the only one I've received which takes the "con" position I
 figured I'd give the opposition a say.  Please don't send me any more
 messages about "witching".  Thanks. -- MR ]

Does the superstition never stop? Dowsing in its various guises as never,
NEVER passed a rigorous scientific test. I fondly remember a documentary on
the crop circles in England, in which some university folks faked (another)
circle and waited for the new agers to show up, cameras rolling. Sure,
enough, as the wackos entered the flattened ring of grain they started saying
how they were feeling the special "fields", and the dowsing rods went wild!
It is well established that dowsing and witching effects are due to a
combination of tilting, gravity, and human psychology.