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new articles

There's been an abscence in the posting of new articles, I assume it's 
because there on vacation, so I will post what I've run across this 

Bock, Walter J., and Paul Buhler, 1996. Nomenclature of Cretaceous birds 
in Romania. Cretaceous Research, Volume 17: 509-514.

Buffetaut, Eric, 1996. The "ornithurine" from the Lower Cretaceous fo 
Changji, Xinjiang (China): bird or Pterosaur? Cretaceous Research, Volume 
17: 505-508.

Chin, Karen, and Bruce D. Gill, 1996. Dinosaurs, Dung Beetles, and 
Conifers: Participants in a Cretaceous Food Web. Palaios, Volume 11: 

Harris, J. D., K. R. Johnson, J. Hicks, and L. Tauxe, 1996. Four-toed 
theropod footprints and a paleomagnetic age for the Whetstone Falls 
Member of the Harebell Formation (Upper Cretaceous: Maastrichtian), 
northwesterrn Wyoming. Cretaceous Research, Volume 17: 381-401.

Mikhailov, K. E., 1996. Bird Eggs in the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia. 
Paleontological Journal, Volume 30, Number 1: 114-116.

Mikhaliov, K. E., 1996. New Genera of Fossil Eggs From the Upper 
Cretaceous of Mongolia. Paleontological Journal, Volume 30, Number 2: 

Tereshchenko, V. S., 1996. A Reconstruction of the Locomotion of 
_Protoceratops_. Paleontological Journal, Volume 30, Number 2: 232-245.

Unwin, David M., Makoto Manabe, Katsumi Shimizu and Youshikazu Hasegawa, 
1996. First Record of Pterosaurs from the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group: 
a Wing-phalange from the Amagodani Formation in Shokawa, Gifu Prefecture, 
Japan. Bull. Natn. Sci. Mus. Tokyo, Ser. C, 22 (1,2): 37-46.

Tracy L. Ford
Dino Hunter