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Madagascan birdS

In order to try and clarify the confusion between rumored fossils and the
recently described Vorona of the Campanian of Madagascar, I'd like to add
the following:

1) Vorona is not the only fossil bird from the Campanian of Madagascar.

2) Some of the forthcoming material will prove very interesting to readers
of this net.

3) The paleontologists working on this site would like very much to be the
ones responsible for the publicity of further material from their sites.

4) Don't any of you wait until Christmas to open your presents? :-)


5) It would be very appropriate if "vorona" meant "feint to the left" in

P.S.  At least I can say the word "Neovenator" in public!  It's been hard
enough, holding that one in. :-)

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NOTE: I'm going to assert a Temporary Moderator's Privilege and point out
that "voron" means "bird" in Malagasy. - Ron Orenstein