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Re: NEOVENATOR ON TV (Darren Naish)

You wrote: 

>Part IV of 'The Great Dinosaur Trail' last week had Steve Hutt 
>carnivorous dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight, and he spoke all about his 
>find while photos of the skull were put up on the screen. They were 
>by the caption: 'Newsflash: _Neovenator salerii_'. Well, now that it's 
been on
>TV, I'm within my rights to put it (the name) on the internet. Steve 
created the
>name about a year ago, but it still has yet to appear in print.
Last weekend I was at the library and I looked at the back of the recent 
Neues Jb Mineral etc. and there is a title that Hutt et al is describing 
a new theropod, so I think the name is going to be out in a few months.