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RE: GIANT CERATOPSIANS AND R.O.U.S. (or whatever) (Jonathan

>2) I am surprised that no one has brought up the "gigantic"
>ceratopsian skull in the BYU basement.  Last I heard, it was
>really really big (eight feet maybe?  Don't hold me to that, I
>can't remember).  It is usually called a "Triceratops" skull,
>which may mean it is a short-frill, in which case we are talking
>about a big critter indeed!

I got pictures of the skull when I saw it about 5  years ago or so when 
it was being preped, it is huge! To me it looks like a large T. serratus.

>3) As for large duckbills, the tracks on display at AMNH are
>positively huge themselves.

Ya, even some of the early Cretaceous prints are very large also.