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SPONTANEOUS DINOSAUR COMBUSTION--new evidence for extinction theory?

>Sender: "Darren Naish" <dwn194@soton.ac.uk>
>All dinosaurs,
>it was said, were 'exothermic' (though later it was suggested that some may not
>have been): this is absolutely the wrong word, and applies to chemical
>rather than physiological conditions in animals (yes?).

Hmm--if they were exothermic, they must have gotten pretty hot!  In fact
perhaps that's why they became extinct!  With more advanced, higher
metabolisms perhaps they all spontaneously combusted!  Perhaps in a few
weeks there weren't enogh left to successfully breed.  Perhaps Billy
Saul-Huroc and Big Jim McBob had something to do with this?

(Exothermic dinosaurs---this is an exciting new theory---how come we
haven't heard of it before now?  Just not enough evidence?)


Seth A. Ellestad.