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Archaeopteryx model making for 10th grade science fair

          Hello, my name is Ben Wills.  Last year I entered Science Fair with
a project named:"Proving Archaeopteryx lithographica Could, or Could Not
Fly".  I constructed a very, very basic model of what was supposed to be
Archaeopteryx.  I then tested this model on a wind tunnel for 3 minutes.  I
viewed the model from the side, and rear, and recorded changes in the model's
positioning every 15 seconds.  That project won first in the school
competition, second n the district competition, third in the regional
competition, but did not place in the state competition.  The reason for my
calling on you all is because this year I am determined to attend the
International Sceince Fair competition.  What I need from you all is help on
getting materials for constructing this model.  My parents have agrees to
spend as much money as it takes, and they are already planning on spending a
few hundred dollars...money is not a problem.  I want this model to be as
exact, and up to date a possible. This model will use micro-servos and allow
the bird to have 360 degree moveable wings, head and neck, and tail.  I have
already drwn plans, and made "prototype" parts.  

This is what I need:

The MOST recent and up to date drawings, with measurements, of Archaeopteryx.
 These drawings must show how each body part looks like, and would move.

Any data from other tests on Archaeopteryx(credit will be given)

What materials to use(preferably information on skin materials, and feathers)

Different variables to test(what are the major questions regarding
Archaeopteryx and flight)

If possible, John Ostrom's E-Mail address(I will not pass it on if it is
given to me)

                          Any and all help will be used, thanked, and

                                                    Ben Wills