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YO! Lurker here,

        Did anyone else catch the CNN story on the Dino Store in Coral
Gables? It looked pretty impressive as far as the collection goes. You can
get just about anything cast for you! If you have the money.. :) 


"I dunno what to tell you, Mulder.  I   : Self-medication is the spice
just hope you're not implying that      : of life!  ...More pink ones,
you've come across an infestation of    : please...
killer cockroaches."                    :
                                        : "I don't know the *meaning* of the
      XX     XX                         : word 'surrender'!!... Uh, I mean I
        X   X                           : *know* it; I'm not *dumb*...just not
         X X                            : in this context."
"Do you think I'm spooky?"              :
         X X                            :
        X   X                           :
      XX     XX                         :   668 -- The Neighbor of the Beast