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Ency. of Pterosaurs and more

[I almost didn't let this one through, but a) it talks of a source for
 Wellnhoffer's book alternative to Barnes and Noble and b) said source
 can apparently be used to find other books of interest.  Please
 respond to Sharon directly for more info.  -- MR ]

        I got my copy of the Illustrated Encylopedia of Pterosaurs for $12.95 - 
brand new, hardcover from the Edward Hamilton catalog. If you don't mind 
through pages and pages of fine print and getting some newspaper ink on your 
hands, I doubt you could find the relatively recent books on dinos and 
absoulutely everything else at a lower price. Shipping is cheap and usually 
within 10 days or so. I have several dino books from him. You can E-Mail me if 
you wish to have the address. Catalog is free.

S. Hill