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Re: Lost World Raptor[tm]

[ I'm probably going to regret approving this...  Truth be told I
  think I'm doing it mostly to convince Steven that he hasn't been
  black-balled.  I will ask that anyone who responds please add more
  of substance about dinosaurs, or respond to Steven instead of to the
  list.  Thanks, -- MR ]

Palaeogothica <GROS4891@Adc.MtRoyal.AB.CA> wrote:

>Crichton's/Speilberg's fake _The Lost World_ (the REAL one being
>Conan Doyle's),

Conan Doyle does not own a monopoly on anything to do with "The Lost World"
real or otherwise. The evolutionary process itself is about improving on
the original is it not? This applies to filmmaking as well.

S.S. Lazarus

P.S. The original The Lost World is like a bug under the foot of this new
Carcharodontosaurus of a Lost World. There's not even a comparison here.

"The world is a nicer place without cynicism... "