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My Grade 9 Science Fair Project: E-mail address

Could anyone give me an e-mail address or a postal address for
Dr. Jack Horner?

[I recommend that you don't send him e-mail.  Rumor has it that he
 hates to receive e-mail, so I suspect you wouldn't get any response
 that way.  As I recall, there is a snail mail address for him in
 "Digging Dinosaurs" -- something as simple as "Dr. Jack Horner,
 Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana, <insert zip code here>"
 would probably work.  If anybody has better advice (or wants to hear
 what better advice might be, please send e-mail directly to Della --
 I prefer to see this space used for discussion rather than for
 setting up contacts). -- MR ]

Della Drury