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After I posted my request for dinosaur events to be listed
on our "Dinosaur Calendar", I got a fistful of Emails asking what
Dinosaur Discoveries is and how to get it. So, I'll tell you and
hope that Mickey will let it through the mailgate.

[I see no problem with this sort of advertisement.  If anybody else
 does, please let me know.  -- MR ]

Dinosaur Discoveries is a newsletter (or a small magazine) about
Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures and things. It's 16 pages
long and comes out six times a year. It's professionally produced,
with top quality typesetting and printing on very nice paper.
Issue #2 includes a nice selection of professional quality art.
(Future issues will also have good art; issue #1 didn't because
scheduling problems kept the artists from delivering what we ordered.)

The cost is $25 per year, $26.56 in Texas, $30 in Canada, and $40
for overseas airmail. We take Visa and Mastercard, as well as cash,
checks, and money orders. The USmail address is Tiger Publications,
Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114 and the Email address is tiger@arn.net
(please note a r n .net; sometimes this looks like a m .net in
a print out). Tiger Publications is a fully professional company that
has been in business delivering other newsletters on time for 15 years.
Authors and artists get paid the day that the issue goes in the mail.
(Yes, we pay artists $20-$50 per picture and we pay authors
$50 per page for articles.)

The writing is professional caliber, a step simpler to read than
JVP but about six steps up from kiddie dino magazines.
We strive for "hard science that's not hard to read".
Many of our authors are professional scientists.
Tom Holtz (you've heard of him) reads everything before it goes
to press and has been known to reject or demand rewrites to articles.

Issue #1 had articles on T.rex, Stegosaurus, Carcharodonotosaurus,
Deltadromeus, Cryolophosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Giganotosaurus,
Irritator, and others. It listed 30 new genera and species.

Issue #2 has articles on Deinonychus (new skull material), Pawpawsaurus
(the missing link between ankylosaurs and nodosaurs),
Alxasaurus (the missing link between segnosaurs and theropods),
Mononykus (is this thing a bird pretending to be a dinosaur),
a list of new SVP findings, and other articles.

Issue #2 was later than I wanted it to be (the writers were
busy at the SVP) but we're already stacking up articles for issue
#3 and it should be out in January.

If you subscribe, you can start with issue #1 or #2 at your option.
Writers and artists guides available by Email from tiger@arn.net
to those interested. Thanks to Mickey for letting this in; we think
that Dinosaur Discoveries (being the ONLY publication that is both
all-dino and all-the-new-dinos) is going to be a major part of
the future of the dinosaur industry.--Steve Cole