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News Flash! Deinonychus shown to be closer to Stegosaurus than modern

Norm King wrote:

> But it clarifies nothing to say that birds are dinosaurs.  Any child can 
> see that birds are not dinosaurs.

This is nonsense.  This is like saying (as the name of the post implies..) 
that there is compelling evidense that Deinonychus was anatomically, 
behaviorally and physiologically more similar to something like Stegosaurus, 
than to something like Archaeopteryx (or Corvus for that matter).  Though 
both Stegosaurus and Deinonychus obviously fall within the same clade, so 
do Archaeopteryx and Corvus.  There is no logical, rational reason to exclude 
Archaeopteryx and Corvus from a group that contains both Deinonychus and 

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