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Mesozoic birds (was Re: Different twist of BCF)

At 05:25 PM 12/2/96 -0500, Caitlin Kiernan wrote:

>Ronald Orenstein wrote:
>> Unless I am much mistaken, birds like Sinornis or even Hesperornis
>> are not considered to be enantiornithine.
>-Hesperornis- and -Ichthyornis- are traditionally grouped together in the
>superorder Odontognathae (within the orders Hesperornithiformes and
>Ichthyornithiformes, respectively),

Actually, Odontornithes is the traditional form.  However, this is probably
an unnatural grouping, as all recent studies have shown.
Ichthyornithiformes, Hesperornithiformes, and Neornithes are all very
closely related to each other, but the exact topology is still being worked
out.  Some place Hesperornis and its relatives closer to neornithines,
others place Ichthyornis and kin closer to neornithines.

>and I'm under the impression that the Enantiornithiformes has
>ordinal rank, though its relationship to the odontognathids is
>unclear. Has this changed?

Well, the rank is pretty much unimportant in most studies.  However,
Enantiornithiformes is a very diverse group, containing such forms as
Sinornis, Cathayornis, several of the Las Hoyas birds, etc.  They are less
closely related to neornithines than are Patagopteryx, Hesperornis,
Ichthyornis, etc.

Feduccia, Martin, and others "Saururae" (not to be confused with the old
version, the subclass of birds containing only Archaeotperyx), a group they
suggest containing Enantiornithiformes, Confuciusornis, Archaeopteryx, etc.,
is almost certainly paraphyletic, is based on some very questionable
character polarities (to put it kindly...), and requires massive
convergances between enantiornithines and ornithurines (neornithines,
hesperornithiforms, ichthyornithiforms, etc.)

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