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Re: Different twist of BCF

From: Gothgrrl@aol.com

 > Ronald Orenstein wrote:
 > > Unless I am much mistaken, birds like Sinornis or even Hesperornis
 > > are not considered to be enantiornithine.
 > -Hesperornis- and -Ichthyornis- are traditionally grouped together in the
 > superorder Odontognathae (within the orders Hesperornithiformes and
 > Ichthyornithiformes, respectively), and I'm under the impression that the
 > Enantiornithiformes has ordinal rank, though its relationship to the
 > odontognathids is unclear. Has this changed?

Only slightly.  The enanthiornithes are now considered as being a higher
rank than ordinal. Also, most current cladograms show the
hesperonthiforms and relatives clearly outside of the enantiornithines.

[I doubt many peopel would still use "Odontognathae" as the name for
this group, however].

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