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        I was talking with a biologist and he mentioned a couple 
interesting things about komodos I hadn't heard before. For one, they 
can rotate their arms inward and get up into a semierect position for 
moving quickly, and for another, they will hunt *cooperatively*. Not wolf
or lion style, naturally, but several will get together to go after a 
sheep, apparently. I'll try to ask for the ref. 
        If these guys have the brainpower to do it, there seems no reason 
that a few Allosaurus couldn't have gotten together to take down a 
sauropod, or a few dromaeosaurs to go after... well, anything they wanted 
to. Bakker claimed he'd got some tracks showing Allosaurs hunting 
cooperatively, too. 

Nick Longrich

" There! Lectroids from Planet Ten by way of the Eighth Dimension!"