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Yet Another Extinction Theory Put Forth

Since no one else has mentioned this, I call your attention to a
report dated 2 December 1996:

According to the Associated Press, physicists from Technion
University's Space Research Institute, Haifa, Israel, contend that
cosmic radiation resulting from the collision of two neutron stars
bombarded the Earth 65 million years ago. Supposedly, this event
"created a deadly wave of cosmic radiation that destroyed the
protective layers of the Earth's atmosphere, frying vegetation and
obliterating most animal life."

The researchers are Arnon Dar, a physics professor at the Technion,
Nir Shaviv, and Ari Lior. Dar discounts the theory that an asteroid
strike in Chicxulub in Mexico's Yucatan was to blame. He said this
theory does not explain the great leap in biodiversity following the
mass extinctions and contends "the vast amount of radiation produced
by a neutron star collision explains why the number of animal and
plant species increased so quickly after mass extinctions."

Apparently, Dar's research has not yet reached the pages of a
refereed, professional journal. The AP story may be found at
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