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"Curse of T. rex" (was Nova)

On 12-2-96, John Rafert wrote:

>I see that Nova will present a show entitled "the Curse of T.rex" on
>February 25th of next year.  Anybody know anything about this?

It took some sleuthing, but I found out from a publicist at station WGBH in
Boston (which produces Nova) that the program focuses on Sue--her discovery,
the legal controversies including the Peter Larson incarceration, and
commercial fossil hunting.  The program was finished before the legal
decision was made that allows for Sue's auction in the spring.  

The press release won't be available for a couple of weeks, but I will post
it when I receive it.  The "curse" is that something bad has happened to
everyone who has touched Sue.  Anyone game to take a chance?