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dino social dynamics

    Greetings everybody,
        Let be begin by making a public apology for having been such 
an abnoxious twit for the past few months. I don't know what my 
problem was, so don't take much of what I said too seriously (I can 
just hear the majority of you going "what the $#%&$ is he talking 
about?!?":-). I also say this in the hopes of clarifying that the 
questions I'm going to be asking are of legitimate inquiry and not 
something underhanded.

        I'm thinking about writing an article on the social dynamics 
of dinosaur palaeontology for the APS _Bulletin_. What I mean by 
"social dynamics" are what little subcultures and stuff are there 
within the social grouping of dinosaur palaeontologists and dino-
nuts. Anyways, I have a few questions for you kindly folks out there 
that should help me out (if anybody answers that is).

        1)Is there really an "Old-Guard Establishment" anymore? (eg: 
          is there something to be "rebellious" against nowadays?).
        2)How many people out there, both proffessional and 
          amateur/fan feel themselves to be "rebels" based on what 
          you believe/accept about dinosaurs?
        3)If there is some kind of "establishment" worth rebelling 
          against, what do you feel it is? (eg: what are the 
          perceptions of dinos that catagorize this group?).
        4)Does anybody feel that the attitude of confronational 
          "rebellion" is potentially damaging to the social structure 
          of dino palaeo.? (another eg:the seemingly in-your-face 
          preening by some upon the discovery of the chinese feathered
          theropod and the angry, incoherent rebutals by some others
        5)In a question more for the dino-fans, is a lot of the 
          support for the hyperactive, warm-blooded, feathered, etc.
          view of dinosaurs HONESTLY based on consideration of the 
          evidence, or just because it "sounds cool" and makes for 
          good cinema?
        And finally...  
        6)How many of you out there, particularily younger, up-and-
          coming types, could be considered "freaks" (by that I mean 
          Punks, Goths, heavy Alternative, etc....I'm a Goth myself,
          so I don't mean "freak" in a derogatory way).
        Anyhoo, thanx for any insight you can give me. Feel free to 
send your responses to my personal e-mail instead of cluttering up 
the list. Later all...


"Oh my brothers, have a horrorshow day."

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