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Re: Back to the dino-bird thang

Tom Holtz wrote:

>Greater love hath no man for dinosaurs than me (equal, perhaps, but not
>greater), but elevating Archosauria to a rank equal to Vertebrata does not
>seem a solution to me.
>(For those who aren't aware, Vertebrata is the major subphylum of the
>traditional Phylum Chordata, which also includes the subphyla
>Cephalochordata (lancets) and Urochordata (tunicates)).

All right, all right, I goofed!!!  My knowledge of subdivision terms is
 shaky at best.  I am not suggesting that dinos belong outside of the
 vertebrates.  The point I hoped to make was that I place the terms
 Archosauria and Dinosauria IN BETWEEN the major subdivision of Phylum and
 Class (it just became a lot closer to Class:-).  Under this system, I have
 no difficulty seeing Aves placed at the same level with Saurischia and
 Ornithischia (acknowledging their common ancestry while showing their

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"Great, he's even sounding like a Vorlon."