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Re: dinosaur endothermy??

At 03:29 PM 12/5/96 -0500, Terry Jones wrote:

>As for fossil bone isotopic composition, the assumptions of Barrick and
>Showers regarding physiology are flawed.  It appears that the isotopic
>composition of is more reflective of the temperature of the ground
>water/sediments in which an animal is preserved--therefore, bone isotopes
>are altered.

        I really don't know all too much about this, but someone who works
in a geochem lab here doing isotope studies mentioned that O16-O18 data
(which I believe is what some of these studies use) is not likely to be
altered by ground water or any other post depositional factor, and is fairly
reliable.  My memory wants to say that this was worded as "O16-O18 is
unlikely to be affected by diagenisis", but I could be confusing this with
half a dozen other things..  Is there anyone out there who can speak to this?
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