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Re: Dinosaur clutch sizes

At 01:19 PM 12/6/96 -0500, Tony Canning wrote:

>Been thinking about reproductive strategies lately and it struck that
>the upper limit on clutch size for living amniote endotherms seems to
>be about 12, and also to decrease with increasing body size.  In
>contrast, living amniote ectotherms seem to have an upper limit of
>100+, increasing with increasing body size.  I'm not entirely sure
>that metabolism has a direct causal role in limiting clutch size, but
>it could be one of the costs of endothermy...

   Dr. Thomas Hetherington of Ohio State University points this out in his
dino class.  Known dinosaur clutches (as of 1995) were more along the lines
of birds and mammals, rather than "typical" reptiles.

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