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Re: Velociraptor furcula

Look...Its a bird...Its a dinosaur...
A unique specimen in the dinosaur galleries on my website has
been tentatively identified as Velociraptor, but may end up being
a new species(or genus?) when it is formally described. It is almost
complete and very well preserved. It has a furcula with interesting
grooves and foramen.

The skeleton was found on private land and fortunately placed into the
care of paleontologist David Burnham, who has been preparing it grain
by grain under the microscope ever since. Dave is one of the best
preparators in the business. He prepped the famous "Baby Louie"
dinosaur embryo that appeared in the National Geographic dinosaur
egg article earlier this year.

Dave had the specimen and I had a digital imaging system so we
teamed up literally days before SVP to get some images ready to
show. For those of you who did not catch it at SVP, the pics can
be viewed in the dinosaur galleries of my online museum:

The Worldwide Museum of Natural History:    www.wmnh.com

 - go to the Vertebrate Galleries-->Dinosaurs-->A juvenile Velociraptor ...

Casts of this specimen will be available in 1997.
Email curator@pconline.com for details.
Paul R. Janke
President, Pan Terra, Inc.