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Re: Black Hills and Sue case


A note to say I am interested in any and all information, documents, or
updates regarding Sue, and moreover, a loud signal to any others who
share this interest to go ahead and 'include me in'.

I don't feel it proper to digress into personal anecdote but I want to
communicate to our community here that, because of certain 'good
fortunes' and trust funds and so forth, I am myself equipped to
participate - financially - in an effort to obtain Sue, if I get the
sense it is a 'possible' cause.

Apologies to any who find that classless but be assured my motivation in 
uttering is to get involved in seeing this Sue business come out the way 
we all want it to. This _is_ America, after all, and thus a kind of -
alas - Babylon. At least as far as the Arts and Sciences are concerned,

As Bill Vieck would say, "Let's hear some chatter out there!"

- Romaine S.

[ In the interest of diplomacy, please note that "this" is an
  international list.  Even among those that write quite a bit we have
  *frequent* contributors from the UK and Oz...  Among those who lurk
  we have even a much more diverse assemblage.  But best of luck to
  you on your quest! -- MR ]