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Re: Holes in Frills

At 01:01 PM 12/6/96 -0500, Nick Longrich wrote:

>       A while back I took a look at an AMNH Centrosaurus skull. I am 
>not an expert but I came away completely convinced that the 
>muscle-attachment hypothesis was wrong. The reason is that the spikes 
>looked just like the hornlets around the frill, and this would be very 
>puzzling if they supported muscle instead of horn. 

Note that the muscle attachment idea does not normally state that the
epioccipitals (the tiny hornlets) were the attachment points for the
muscles, since these are missing (or apparently missing) on so many of the
neoceratopsians.  The general version of the muscle attachment hypothesis
has the muscles coming up out of the supratemporal fenestra to attach
somewhere on the frill, but perhaps not all the way up.

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