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One more thing, the top picture on the WMNH page is actually not the same one 
I was shown.  The picture I was shown was more recent, but was in the exact 
same pose, so I originally thought they were one in the same.  The picture I 
saw had the tail cleaned up a lot more and the cervical and trunk vertebrae 
cleaned up a lot more.  There was also more spaces between the forelimb 
bones, especially between the hand and lower arm making room for the not 
preserved semi-lunate carpal.  This spacing made the forelimbs appear some 
20% longer than they do in the WMNH picture, so that is why I said the arms 
were approaching if not exceeding the proportions of Archaeopteryx.  I still 
believe that this is the case because the arms are still very big and had to 
have cartiledge and whatnot in the joints, the legs 
are abnormally long, and Archaeopteryx' legs are abnormally short.

Another thing is that the family that owns the specimen is not very pleased 
that they are not mentioned on the webpage because they a) own the thing, b) 
discovered the thing, and c) prepared most of it except the skull, hips and 
some vertebrae.  So whoever owns the page, please mention the Linster family 
whenever you revise your page.  Also, these people know what they are doing 
and have been preparing fossils for nearly twenty years, they simply decided 
that with such a superb and important specimen, they'd let a professional 
tackle reconstructing the skull.

Peter Buchholz

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