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Re: Ectotherms

It is a misunderstanding that inertial homeothermy is a magic way to be
active with a low metabolic rate. Having a constantly high temperature just
means you are warm all the time. Aerobic power production is enhanced by high
temperatures, but the heat in no way produces the power. All animal activity
comes directly from internal power production, which requires oxygen and
food. The more active an animal is, the more energy it must use, and the more
it must eat and breath. If dinosaurs were more active than reptiles - and
there is abundant evidence that they were - then they had to have higher
energy budgets. 


[ IMHO Greg is missing a point here in that modern sauropsids tend to
  be more active when they are warmer.  Activation energies in the
  chemical reactions leading to muscle movement are more easily
  achieved at higher temperatures.  -- MR ]