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Re: Tsintaosaurus

Rachel Clark wrote:

> I was curious about the status of Tsintaosaurus.  What is the latest
> consensus on its validity, appearance, etc.?

Again, I cite Weishampel and Horner (1990), who briefly discussed the
taxonomic status of -Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus-, noting the confusion over
the years as to its position with the Hadrosauridae, having been considered
variously a sauroloph, a lambeosaurine,  and a hadrosaurine. They write: "On
further consideration, we considered this species a chimera based on a
combination of lambeosaurine and hadrosaurine material." Those authors
considered the genus Hadrosauridae -incertae sedis-, and suggested that the
taxon would likely remain a mystery until better material is unearthed.

Caitlin R. Kiernan

Weishampel, David B. and Horner, John R. (1990) Hadrosauridae. -in- The
Dinosauria, Weishampel et. al. (1990), Uni. of CA Press, pp.534-561.